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biografía: Federico Bechis fotografo - Patagonia Argentina

Professional Advertising, Landscaping and Nature Photographer, Photo Reporter - Photography professor.

Naturaleza Viva - Exposición F. Bechis fotógrafoSince 1981 he has participated in many different collective and individual exhibitions.
Since 1983 he has participated in provincial, national and International salons of Photography, winning several awards and mentions: Golden Medal in The 49th International Photographic of Japan and Honorable Mention in the International Nikon Photo Contest salon-
• Up to the date sine 1990, he participates in the "Encuentros Abiertos de Fotografνa" (Open Encounters of Photography) and the "Festival Internacional de la Luz" (International Light Festival), organized in Buenos Aires by the Argentine School of Photography, which main aim is to keep updated about new techniques and to get in contact with national and international photographers to exchange experiences and to present his personal work.
• In 1990 he publishes an eight images series of postcards about nature and landscape of San Carlos de Bariloche-
• In 1991 he is distinguished as Artista Argentino Fotógrafo (Argentine Artist Photographer) by the Argentine Photograph Federation (Federación Argentina de Fotografía).

• In 1992 he is selected by the Partners of America Institution to participate in a cultural exchange as "Artist in Residence" in the State of Montana, USA, where he was invited to participate as instructor and to present his audiovisual "Bariloche, reflection of a feeling" in the workshop "Nature Photography in Wyoming", in the field school of the National Audubon Society.

• In 1994 he is selected by a Spanish company as member of an international team of photographers that worked for the publication of the official tourist book of the National Secretary of Tourism of Argentina.

"Chatting with Penelli": Golden Medal - The 49th Internacional Photographic of Japan.

• In 1997 presents his Audiovisual "From the Quiaca to the Antarctica", promoted by the Professional Department of Kodak Argentina in Sarmiento library, located on the Civic Center of San Carlos of Bariloche, with the participation of live musicians.
• In 1998 he is invited by the Amigos del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, to participate of a board on "The nature from the sight of the photographer", with Francisco Erize and Roberto Cinti, in the Sala Nacional de Cultura "Palais the Glace" in Buenos Aires
• In October of 1999 he won the 3er Prize in the Professional Photographer category in the National contest organized by Fovinco.
• In 1999 publishes a new series of 40 postcards about landscapes, nature and celebrities of Bariloche.
• February 2000 -Exhibition in the Photogalery in Teatro San Martín "Naturaleza muerta x 2"with Catalonian photographer Jaume Buxeda-
• August 2000- The organizers of Encuentros Abiertos de Fotografía (Open Photograph Encounters), invite him to participate of the "Festival Internacional de la Luz" (International Light Festival), to lecture about about Nature photography and present his audiovisual "Bariloche, cumbre de la Naturaleza" (Bariloche, Nature summit), in the Alianza Francesa conference room in Buenos Aires-
• October 2000- Individual exhibition "Naturaleza Viva" (alive Nature) in the art gallery "Le Graveur" in San Carlos de Bariloche-
• March 2001- He is invited to participate with photo assignments for the book "Mapuches del Neuquén"- Art and culture in Patagonia Argentina- published by Luz Editora
• August 2002 - Collective Exhibition "Mirada Interior" (insight look), organized by Dirección de Política Cultural y Cooperación Internacional de la Secretaría de Cultura de Nación,(National Culture Secretary) in Centro Cultural Recoleta in Buenos Aires, representing the Río Negro province.
• May 2003 - Curator and organizer of the collective exhibition in the town of Comallo of the of photographs taken with the students of the Photography workshop of the Municipal Art School "La Llave" on Comallo.
• September 2003 - Individual exhibition "Percepciones" (Perceptions), in FASTA university local branch salon in Bariloche.
• November 2004 - Collective Exhibition in Design Suites Bariloche "Argentina Pinta Bien" - Río Negro art. 
• May 2005 Collective exhibition i
n Centro Cultural Recoleta of Buenos Aires representing Río Negro province in the national program "Argentina Pinta Bien".
• August 2008 Individual exhibition in the Chonek room of the Patagonia Museum in Bariloche about the photo essay called "La delgada línea Sur" of Comallo ("The thin South Line" of Comallo town)

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