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Federico Bechis photographer nature photo workshop - Patagonia Argentina

Photo workshop The awakening of the look

A path toward the observation and comprehension of the Nature
from the inner look perspective.

Nature landscape photographyworkshopTrying to penetrate into the secrets of the Nature requires from the photographer something more than just having a photographic camera. To penetrate into the Nature secrets and to be able to perceive its silences, its forms, its perfumes, its subtle changes of time and tonalities, is necessary to have an inner harmony with ourselves and in that state of harmony - between man and nature - to deepen the observation that will let us be able to grasp the essence of what we are looking at and feeling in that moment.

Each individual has his/hers own way of looking at and although it seems that his/hers camera captures the world with objectivity, is always the photographer, who will decide from his/hers own subjective way, toward where he/she will look at with the camera. "The path toward the comprehension of the exterior world, will be to understand the reality of our interior world".

nature plants flowers photos,workshopWith more than 30 years of experience in the field of photographing nature in the Patagonia, the professional photographer Federico Bechis will be next to you in the field explorations, to guide you through the path of the observation, contemplation and perception of the natural world.

We will walk through forests of lengas and ņires, that in autumn season will dazzle us with their amazing palette of colors, wading some mountain stream will take us into the magical macro world where we will be able to photograph lichens, ferns, fungus, dew drops, textures...

In San Carlos de Bariloche, in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, we carry out regularly the Nature Photography workshop "The awakening of the look", in a place of exuberant natural settings, where you will have the opportunity to learn in the classroom as well as on the field, having the excellent opportunity to observe how Federico Bechis takes its photographs.

Photo workshop field workIn this workshop you will have enough time to discuss about the equipment, photographic techniques and to participate in thedebates that inevitably will arise at field work as well as at the lectures.

Join our guided photo workshop. This is a great opportunity to shape up your photographic abilities, to exchange experiences and information with akin souls and to return home with an excellent pictorial gallery of the exceptional natural life of the Nahuel Huapi National Park If you would like to sign in to the workshop or request further information please contact us.

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